I am so angry,today!
The news is about the typhoon called sinkenu and the typhoon called 薔蜜!
Some people are disaster victims from them,because through the two typhoons,they do not have any clean water,and roads are washed off because the pipesand roads are damaged. So they could not get any clean water. They can not use their cars because the roads are damage.
In addition,there are many people that farm sweety persimmons in 台中,but they lost some of the sweety persimmon from the two typhoons.
I saw a grandma,she was taking her sweety persimmons out to sell them,but the damaged road was so dangerous and she is doing that twice a day. She is going through all this trouble just because she wnats to help her tribe.
There are not clean water because the goverment have not repaired the pipes and the roads even till now.
I saw this news,I was very angry because the goverment said "you have to repair the pipe by yourself". Who can tell me? What is the goverment doing? Repairing the pipe is very important for them because water,air and sun are needed to survive.
We should help to them by buying their sweety persimmons to help themselves with the water.
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