ONCE UPON A TIME there was a beautiful princess who had a golden ball. She lived in a palace with her father, the king, and her seven sisters. Every day she played with her ball in the garden of the palace.
At the end of the garden tere was deep, dark pond. When the weather was hot, the princess liked playing near the pond.
Unfortunathey, one day she dropped her golden ball into the water. She was very unhappy and she sat on he grass and started to cry.
Suddenly she heard a voice:Don't cry, princess.
She pened her eyes and saw a large, green, frog. 'Oh, please help me!' she said, ' I can't get my ball.' 'I'll help you,' said the frog, 'if I can come and live with you in the palace!' ' Yes, yes, of course. I promise,' said the princess.
So the frog jumped into the water and came back with the ball. The princess laughed and took the ball. She ran quickly back to the palace and forgot all about the frog. The frog was very angry. He followed the princess into the palace and told his story to the King. 'A promise is a promise,' said the frog.
'Yes,' said theKing and called his dughter. 'A promise is a promise, my daughter. Take this frog to your room and look after him carefully.'
The princess cried again, but she took the frog and put him on her bed. The frog looked at her and said quietly, 'Please kiss me, princess.' She closed her eyes and kissed him. Immediately, the frog turned into a handsome prince. Of course, he and the princess fell in love. One week later they married and they blived happpy ever after.
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